Altezza in Heat!… BN Sports Style

Yes people, its another BN Sports Altezza and they just keep getting better and better. Seems like these cars are getting really popular lately and we cant keep up in inventory. This particular one is owned by Mr. Leroy Taylor of Las Vegas, Nevada. Leroy was the lucky one and got the last kit we had in stock till we get another shipment NEXT YEAR! [availability depending on Japan stock] Anyways, on to the mod list:
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BN Sports 4 pc Body Kit
TRD CF Hood w/ painted sides
Wald 2 pc grill
JDM Altezza visors
AAC Blue Halos
Spectra Blue Mica Paint
Wheels and Tires:
AME Circular Spec M (discontinued)
19 x 8.5 + 25
19 x 9.5 + 20
Dunlop Direzza 225 35

HKS Hyper Max II Coilovers
TRD Front and Rear Underbraces
Cusco Rear Strut Tower Bar

Under the Hood:
Painted Engine Covers
Greddy Ti-C Exhaust
Greddy Aluminum Radiator plate
Greddy Oil Cap
Ingen Gen II Intake
LMS Heat Shield

Junction Produce Fusa
Junction Produce Gitsuna
Custom Floor Mats
Custom Aluminum Heel Pad

More professional pics here

cool photography courtesy of: Kyle Anthony Elite Photography 702-885-4501


We have been having problems with our mail system. It has been updated but unfortunately a lot of unread mail has been accidentally deleted. If you haven’t had a response from us please resend and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Sorry for the inconvenience. Here’s a teaser pic of the next project….

S14a Blister X IDS Finals Nurburgring

This S14 equipped with a BN Sports Blister kit is owned by Lennard Wanders. Shots courtesy of Motor Mavens.There were three events in one: The Season Final for the IDS Street Class, The Season Final for the IDS Pro Class, and The Falken European Drift Championship (FEDC). The FEDC was an event that the IDS folks put together to give drifters from all over Europe an opportunity to show their stuff in a single event setting. Drifters from Denmark, Hungary, England, Poland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Switzerland among others, more here

J Pizarro X S13 Silvia

This beautiful S13 belongs to J Pizarro. Jay has been building great cars for a long time so when he contacted us that he wanted to build an S13 Silvia, we were excited at how the car would look. As you can see it was not a disappointment. Many of you might remember Jays S14 and how it graced the cover of Modified Mag. Attention to detail is what Jay is all about and this S13 shows it. Sporting a BN Sports Type III S13 Silvia kit with 50mm rear over fenders [ front fenders were out of stock at time of build ] this car, like the S14, was worthy of show but instead, saw a lot of time at the track. Be sure to check Jays new project. A Lexus GS powered by an LS1

JLim X BN Sports X IS300

This IS300 was submitted to us by Jason. This is actually THE FIRST IS300 BN sports in the US [ Thank you Jason for the correction ]. Imported from Japan a year before we opened up shop.. Crazy! Shipping was probably insane. As you can see, this IS is rocking a 2jz with what appears to be a T66? turbo [ don't know the specs on the car ]. Nevertheless, this is a fine example of how to build a car. Clean, simple with the right wheel stance. Congratulations to Jason for showing people that you don’t need neon to be cool. Pictures taken at the last Nisei showoff.

IS 300 x BN Sports USA


This mildly built IS 300 is the first to rock the BN Sports aero here in the US. Keep your eyes out as the owner plans to build this thing with Silkroad, Cusco, and TRD parts in the near future. Also more BN parts such as over fenders and hood are in the works as well. Last but not least a 1JZ is working it’s way as a new powerplant. Cant wait to see the finished product.

RX-8 x BN Sports USA

BN Sports RX-8BN Sports RX-8

Many of you might remember this Mazda. Tony Angelo piloted this Mazda RX-8 during the 2007-2008 Formula D series. I believe it even traveled outside of the US a couple of times. Sporting a full BN Sports Aero  [ Sponsored by us ] . This vehicle graced many magazines and website’s. Being that Tony is a Formula D judge this year, this RX-8 wont see competition this year.

Fatlace S14 x BN Sports @ thunderhill

The crew at Fatlace headed up to thunderhill this past tuesday for an all track drift session. Heard everyone had a good time. Mark’s S14 is rocking the S14 Zenki TypeIV BN Sports Aero. Dope!

BN Sports Blister R32

Car Spotting >Northwest Style by MotorMavens

The guys at Motormavens have really stepped up their game. Keep in mind that they have only been around for about 4 months but have shown everyone that they are a serious force to be reckoned with. Shots were taken at Formula D Seattle this past weekend. More here….